‘White-anting’ Matt Kean deals ‘untold damage’ to Liberals’ campaign: Panahi

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean has caused “untold damage” to the Liberals’ election campaign and he should have no place within any Coalition government, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Ms Panahi pointed to Mr Kean’s “misrepresentations” of Liberal Warringah candidate Katherine Deves.

Mr Kean has made persistent calls to the Prime Minister to disendorse her candidacy over remarks she made regarding members of the LGBTQI community.

“This man has deliberately misrepresented Katherine Deves’ arguments and comments,” Ms Panahi said.

“He has caused untold damage to the Liberals’ campaign, he has caused untold damage to a Liberal woman and I have no doubt this entire saga has discouraged other accomplished women from putting up their hand to represent the Liberal Party.

“He has no place within any Coalition government.

“The Liberal Party may be a broad church but if it’s so broad to include the likes of the destructive, white-anting Kean then it has lost its way.”

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