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Call it the “Ascham army” – the alumni network of one of Sydney’s most prestigious and expensive schools, ready to go in to bat for one of their own, former head girl Allegra Spender, as she takes on Liberal MP Dave Sharma for the seat of Wentworth.

Only problem is, not everybody’s happy about it. Especially as Sharma has one daughter – and until very recently, two – at the school.

Dave Sharma and Allegra Spender.

Dave Sharma and Allegra Spender.Credit:Louise Kennerley, Steven Siewert

A March 13 article on the school’s website, written by Ascham Old Girls committee member Holly Marsh and titled “Allegra fights for a better climate”, rallied the troops behind the class of 1995’s head girl.

“Allegra believes that in the world of politics she can be kind, gentle, formidable and strong,” Marsh wrote in a gushing endorsement. “She is not aggressive, just resolute.”


But after more than a month online, the article mysteriously disappeared this week. It happened to be the same week the area’s former Liberal state MP, Michael Yabsley, contacted the Herald and The Age to draw attention to it.

“When I saw that, I thought ‘no, this can’t be real. No school would allow that to happen’,” Yabsley said.

“It’s inappropriate. Dave Sharma’s daughters go there. We’re always told there’s only one thing that matters in a school and that’s the welfare of the students. Well, the welfare of the Sharma girls went out the window with the publication of that. It’s got ‘wrong’ written all over it.”

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