Perth vet’s business venture is your fur baby’s dream

It’s some people’s dream to have a family, whether it’s the pressure from your family or a maternal instinct, but what’s becoming more and more common is people replacing human babies with fur babies.

But what if you’re a new pet owner and you have no idea what to do? Well, now that almost everything can be delivered to your front door, it’s no surprise that there’s delivery available with all the essentials a new pet owner needs.

Perth-based business Four Legged Family is run by vet Jordy Shaw who established the business after seeing a need in the market.

“These boxes contain enrichment toys, treats and veterinary advice to help them be the best parents possible for their little furry friends,” she told AAA.

“It helps owners be informed about anything pretty much from infections to managing arthritis, or having knowledge about allergies and what causes them and just basically here to help pet owners feel informed about any concerns they have about their pets.”

There’s boxes for dogs and cats with personalised boxes available for that special pet.

Shaw said she started her business because she wanted to be more than just an “animal doctor”.

“I started to think about how can I help make a difference in the veterinary world … I wanted to form relationships with the owners and their pets and just promote a high quality of life and pets across Australia,” she said.

“The main difference between Four Legged Family and other online pet businesses is that these boxes are hand made and written by a veterinarian. I want to learn as much as I can about each individual pet I build a box for so that I know the toys and advice are suitable for that animal’s breed, age, sex, and behaviour.”

Each box is personalised for every individual pet. With each order, owners are able to fill out a questionnaire about their pet to ensure their pets needs are met.

Shaw hopes to one day be able to create a subscription service for her business.

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