‘Nutty stuff’ from climate activists is ‘never-ending’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the “nutty stuff” from climate activists is “never-ending”.

“Climate campaigners and supporters of Allegra Spender in Wentworth have started a bit of a social media campaign against me now because I mocked the climate change impacts in that electorate, the potential impacts in the electorate of Wentworth, surrounded as it is by Sydney Harbour, the eastern beaches and parklands,” he said.

“They reckon I was proven wrong by the recent storms at Bondi. Really, a major storm at the beach, washing right up and over the sea wall. How unprecedented.

“Did they never stop to wonder why those sea walls were put there, why they were then rebuilt and fortified nearly forty years ago?

“This is the idiocy of politics, the fake independents and the climate alarmists in 2022.”

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