Mike Tyson caught on video punching a man in the face on a plane

“I’m capable of helping a lot of people less fortunate than myself – that’s what I’m capable of doing, all over the world,” Tyson said during a post-fight news conference after his 2020 exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr that ended in a draw. “In a perfect world, I’m a missionary, in a perfect world. What I’m doing in the ring, I realize, is a gift not only for myself.

“Before it was all about me and the hot chick and the nice car and plane and the boats. It doesn’t do it for me anymore, so I want another way. I help somebody else, I guess, right, because I don’t get into that no more. I like my pigeons and my fancy clothes, but other than that, I don’t want anything. I have a life.”


On Wednesday, Californian time, Tyson appeared at the 420 Hippie Hill festival in San Francisco to promote his cannabis brand and present Eve Meyer, who headed up the nonprofit San Francisco Suicide Prevention for 30 years, with the festival’s inaugural community and compassion award, according to SFGATE.

“Listen, we’re going to take this to another level in life,” said Tyson, whom one person described as being in “the best mood”.

“I’m the world champion, and now I’m the world champion of cannabis, and we can’t be stopped.”

Hours later, Tyson’s mood on his red-eye flight to Fort Lauderdale was ruined by a passenger who appeared to talk his ear off, TMZ reported. After Tyson took a selfie with him, the man is shown saying something to the former boxer. Tyson appears unimpressed and bothered.

“He over here rapping with Tyson,” said the witness in one of the two videos posted to TMZ. The witness said of his friend, “He don’t know how to act.”

Another video shows Tyson and the passenger in the middle of the altercation, with Tyson swinging at the man’s chest as the passenger tried to stave him off.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!” one man is heard yelling in the video. “Hey, Mike! Mike, c’mon!”

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that someone has badgered Tyson in a public setting. While he was attending a comedy show in Hollywood last month, a rowdy spectator interrupted the comedian to challenge Tyson to a fight. Tyson remained calm and eventually hugged the man, but the scene turned dangerous when the man pulled out a loaded gun from his waistband, causing audience members to scramble under their tables.

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