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The longer the cases drag on, the likelihood of interference will go up.’

Top officials urged to clear air after ‘PAS leaks’ document surfaces

Samsuri calls ‘leaked’ document ‘rubbish’ but admits there were meetings

PAS never discussed matters in ‘leaked document’, veep claims

Constitutional Supremacy: The Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) officers are fully within their rights to expedite the court cases involving former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

It is abundantly clear that Najib and Zahid are pulling trick after trick to delay the trial by filing multiple applications and taking it all the way to the Federal Court. This is a clear abuse of the judicial process.

Under this circumstance, it is the duty of AGC’s officers to oppose such frivolous applications and ensure that cases are completed within a reasonable time so that justice is served.

AnotherKomentar: The longer the court cases drag on, the likelihood of interference will go up. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The court cluster has deep pockets and let’s not forget Umno’s deep state too – they are all very keen to set some free, to show who really runs Bolehland.

YellowCat1156: Hmmm. Isn’t expediting the two court cases what the rakyat want? I can only think of two possible reasons for the news report, and the subsequent conspiracy label.

1. The word ‘expedite’ has been wrongly used, or

2. Expedite it to a conclusion no one wants to see.

Vijay47: The raw unsaid perception in everybody’s mind is that given the reality of local circumstances, “expedite” means, in easily understood terminology, “selesai” (completed).

That is, efforts are being made by certain politicians in cahoots with top legal officers to ensure that certain other politicians do not come to a sorry end in the courts.

I suppose it is understandable that Malaysiakini does not want to say much at the moment as nothing has been confirmed yet. And it surely does not relish the prospect of facing a libel suit.

Nevertheless, very damaging insinuations have been made in the original report by Malaysia Hot that even if proven false, places both the judiciary and the AGC in a terrible light.

The die has been cast, the line drawn, and the Malaysia Hot article can be either true or untrue. Either way, it grievously affects the judiciary’s and the AGC’s standing and somebody has to pay the piper.

The chief registrar of the Federal Court and also the AGC must lodge police reports for the police to begin investigations – Malaysia Hot may find itself on the burner, or some heads, many heads, from the two agencies must themselves face charges.

The weather forecast says we will be having an extremely scorching summer.

RR: It is very sad and disgusting to read daily about corruption, political conspiracy, racism, death in lock-ups, etc, in our country.

Therefore the 15th general election should be held soonest. The rakyat know now who is who and I am sure they will vote for the right candidates who are colour blind, sincerely dedicated and corrupt-free to serve the nation.

The voters must vote for candidates from the new generation of politicians than blindly voting for the political parties. Invariably there are rogues and cronies in all parties. This is necessary if we do not want to end up like Sri Lanka.

Don’t leave a bankrupt country for our future generation. Of the three wings of the government, we find our judiciary largely commendable.

BlueFish0451: Whatever goes around comes around. Every system, not only the judiciary, has been broken by the main ruling party over the years.

Now, we Malaysians, are suffering. It is no longer a country that is working. Good leaders and good systems are difficult to find.

Things will only get worse, like a machine running with broken parts but good replacements are nowhere to be found.

RZee: Islamic party PAS is part of the current coalition of the dishonest government which is running our country.

PAS is informing the rakyat of how the ruling coalition is still intact, along with the crooks. It is, at the same time, stabbing the coalition in the back.

One day, when PAS is hauled up by the rakyat for their deception and hypocrisy, the ‘PAS Leaks’ document will be their insurance that they were “trying” to do something.

MerdekaMerdekaMerdeka: Everyone bringing this document up seems to be calling it “rubbish”, yet so much has been said, is being said, covered by media, commented on, concerns raised, etc, for something that belongs in the trashcan.

So the ball is your court now, ‘PAS Intelligence Report Covert Team’. This is ‘rubbish’ that you can’t just reduce, reuse or recycle. It simply is the truth or it isn’t.

Gerard Lourdesamy: What a disgrace. They claim to be Malay/Muslim parties, but they are all hell-bent on killing off Umno. Where is their ‘Kesatuan Ummah’? This is more like a confederation of devils.

If the Malay voters still believe their lies and support them in GE15, this country is doomed.

GoldenTiger5095: For crying out loud, what conspiracy are we talking about?

Sane Malaysians are waiting for the day this tragic comedy concludes – an honest conclusion. We are now the laughing stock of the whole world.

P Ramlee: It looks like there is an attempt to delay the cases. I hope attorney-general Idrus Harun and our esteemed judges won’t be affected by this rubbish. Go ahead and wrap up these high-profile cases as soon as possible.

Remember US Department of Justice took only eight weeks to convict former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng.



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