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DAP Youth vice-chief Muhammad Shakir Ameer Mohideen has described PAS as a “parasite” that ditched its host once its objectives are met.

This was in response to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s allegations last night that DAP forged a pact with Muda in order to draw support from young Malays.

In a statement today, Shakir (above) said PAS was once allied with DAP and PKR, which allowed the party to be part of the Selangor government for two terms.

“During the two terms, PAS finally showed their stripes by causing conflict in the Selangor government and eventually cooperated with Umno during the general election.

“(Now) PAS is attached to the ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ government and Perikatan Nasional like a power-crazy parasite,” said Shakir.

During the 2018 general election, PAS had its own Gagasan Sejahtera coalition. Following this, it signed the Muafakat Nasional deal with Umno in September 2019.

After the events of the “Sheraton Move” in February 2020, PAS became a member of the PN coalition, causing its relationship with Umno to sour.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang

Speaking at a rally in Kota Tinggi, Johor last night, Hadi alleged that the DAP was benefiting from Muda in a similar fashion to its relationship with Amanah.

“DAP created Amanah. I know that they recruited PAS people to establish Amanah.

“Now it’s the same with Muda. It is to bait Malay youths. Don’t take the bait,” Hadi had said.

Shakir said that, unlike PAS, members of the Pakatan Harapan coalition do not deceive their allies but instead seek cooperation with allies who genuinely want to address BN and PN’s failures.

“We also want to ensure that the ‘court cluster’ never return to power,” he said.  MKINI

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