Danish cops search for ‘escaped kangaroo’

Police in southeastern Denmark have appealed for public help to track down what appears to be a kangaroo that was filmed hopping across a field.

Police said on Facebook that a driver saw the marsupial “hopping around” near Oster Ulslev, a village 16km from the port city of Rodbyhavn where ferries connect to northern Germany.

They said the driver, whom they did not identify, had the presence of mind to film the animal although they acknowledged the three-second video they posted was “short and grainy.”

Nobody has reported a kangaroo missing.

The South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police requested any sightings or information on the animal’s whereabouts to be reported using non-emergency number 114.

The animal is not considered to be dangerous.

Despite the fact that kangaroos are not common in northern Europe, it is the second time the same police district has reached out for help in finding one: in 2014, a kangaroo escaped from a private animal farm in the same area.

And in July 2018, a kangaroo was on the run elsewhere in Denmark for half a day before its owner found it.

A wallaby named Jerry went on the run for four months after escaping a Danish after-school centre for children and was captured in January 2003 after an hour-long chase in a Copenhagen suburb.

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